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Mayor Brosius will support Our Fire Companies

April 30th, 2013

Mayoral candidate Julie Brosius is fighting for our fire fighters. No doubt aware of evidence of a strong anti-Persing sentiment within the ranks of these brave and selfless individuals, she stated that she was keen to foster a closer relationship between the City and the fire companies, and, going by the press release received by Not The Item, is determined to demonstrate just how different things will be in City Hall under a Brosius Administration.

Julie Brosius, prospective Mayor for Sunbury

Julie Brosius

The resentment towards Mr. Persing would appear partly due to his “my way or the highway” mode of government, his decision to move the Fireman’s Fair out of Cameron Part last year, and has been further fueled by a recent decision of his to stop the companies from holding their normal in-house BBQ fundraisers, and instead force them to haul everything down to the River Front, maximizing inconvenience to both company and also to their regular patrons.

Free Parking for Sunbury!

April 28th, 2013

Petition to Remove the Parking Meters

Nicole Rowe of Computer S.M.A.R.T., 264 Market Street (next to McGuigan’s Bar) has organized a petition to remove the parking meters from downtown Sunbury.

Parking Meter

Sunbury Parking Meter

“The parking meters are hurting the businesses of Sunbury. Customers and clients are less likely to visit the businesses of downtown Sunbury due to having to pay a parking fee, meter or fine. Customers and clients are more likely to go to another location (outside of city limits) or other businesses where the parking is free.



Reflections on Sunbury Debacle

April 25th, 2013

Julie Brosius, prospective Mayor for Sunbury, has today issued the following statement:

Julie Brosius, prospective Mayor for Sunbury

Julie Brosius

“Monday, April 22, 2013, I attended the Sunbury City Council Meeting and I am still reeling from shock due to the tone of the meeting.  There was a fever pitch of anger so intense you could have cut it with a knife.  It was utter chaos!  Bullying at its best.  The only thing that was accomplished was an exhibition of anger and the utterance of unkind remarks, certain to fragment our sense of community spirit.

“It is unclear to me, why Mr. Persing or any council member present of said meeting did not request that everyone in council chambers remain calm so that each person could voice their concern in a respectful and objective manner.

Three Ring Circus Comes to Town

April 23rd, 2013

Sunbury City Council meeting of April 22nd, 2013 was like a three ring circus, complete with a rather unwelcome reprise of the Vinny Clausi Show. Our advice to Vinny would be to go back to your own glass house and sort out its problems before venturing forth and throwing your stones around in ours.

Mayor Persing

Mayor Persing

Mayor Persing is hard up against the wall – that was obvious to anyone other than the small band of rabid camp followers and family members in the peanut gallery – the ones who applauded his every nuance, repeatedly tried to shout down his opponents and talked rudely and disinterestedly during every other phase of the meeting.


Sunbury History Day

April 22nd, 2013

History Day was a huge success for the Northumberland County Historical Society. Held in the grounds of Hunter House and also within the Museum & Library, there was something there for all the family. Some were making their first visits to the establishment. For others it was a chance to catch up and remind themselves of some of the key events in local history.

Third Batallion PA Regiment of Foot: The Fort Augusta Regiment, Burd's Co. 1756-64

Burd’s Co March to the Beat of a Drum

Persing Against Guns?

April 21st, 2013

Mayor is Member of Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group

by Ed Quiggle, Jr.

Mayor Persing is one of the few Republican mayors to have joined New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-2nd Amendment organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The organization’s membership consists primarily of Democrats, Greens, and Progressives who support a variety of gun control legislation going way beyond an opposition to illegal weapons.

Constable Ed Quiggle, Jr.

Ed Quiggle, Jr.

Some legislation they have supported would violate the Bill of Rights and the privacy of gun owners, and Article I, Sections 1 and 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Many pro-2nd Amendment groups, including Gun Owners of America and the NRA, have called Mayors Against Illegal Guns a misnamed organization – it is actually anti-2nd Amendment. It might be more appropriately named “Mayors Against Guns“.

Mayor Persing’s status as a member can be confirmed by going to the Mayors Against Illegal Guns website:

“A Major Victory” – Bartello

April 18th, 2013

Councilman Joe Bartello has released the following statement:

“The Daily Item wants to downplay the significance of what took place yesterday at the courthouse, but this was a major victory for the people.

Councilman Joe Bartello

Joe Bartello

The Mayor was obliged to cancel the private meeting to discuss this issue and the judge had him swear under oath that the meeting would be open to the public. Also, my laptop won’t be handed over to a band of lawyers. We will inspect it together as a council and release any relevant information to the lawyers, appropriately blacked out to protect the privacy of others unrelated to this issue. That is all I wanted. It’s a shame I had to sue the City to get them to follow proper procedure.”

To us it appears that the Daily Item has been told by its political masters to stop rocking the boat. Their reporting of this incident had been relatively adventurous up until the actual court hearing. This is regrettable. Their sales have been high recently, ever since they started to actually tell people what was going on in Sunbury. Surely they would prefer to keep it that way!

“I’d rather be in Florida” – Persing!

April 16th, 2013

Mayor Persing is apparently enjoying his sojourn in the Sunshine State so much that he has decided to extend it by another day, even though this means he is going to miss an important hearing scheduled for later today (Tuesday) in front of Judge Saylor in Northumberland County Court.

Sunbury Mayor, David Persing

Mayor Persing

As late as Monday morning his staff were expecting him back to deal with a number of issues, not least of which was his intention to hand over a city computer used by Councilman Bartello to representatives of Moran Industries of Watsontown, operators of the former Celotex plant in Sunbury.

However, it would appear that the hearing is to go ahead without him.

Democracy? Not as we know it!

April 15th, 2013

We have learned from members of the Julie Brosius campaign team that they have been contacted by several concerned workers from the City Administration. They would like to vote for Julie but have been told in no uncertain terms that they will answer to the powers-that-be for the way in which they cast their votes, so they had better think long and hard before doing so.

To the senior official of the Northumberland Republican Party who has been carrying out this campaign of intimidation we have one thing to say – shame on you for attempting to subvert the very democratic processes which you claim to represent. Such shenanigans are another reason for a complete change at the top in Sunbury politics – out with the old, with all the accompanying cronyism, nepotism and other corrupt practices, born of an over familiarity with their situation and an excessive time in office during which to reinforce their hold on political power.

The Man from M.U.N.C.Y.

April 14th, 2013

Sunbury’s Knight in Shining Armor

Drake Saxton, “The Man from M.U.N.C.Y.”, has gained a certain notoriety within the pages of our beloved local newspaper. Despite their efforts to portray him as some sort of outsider interfering in the affairs of our city, this is far from the case. Drake was born and brought up in Sunbury, he still owns property just outside the City, has relatives living within the City, and his heart is still very much with us.

The Man from M.U.N.C.Y.

Living in the hills above Muncy, he is in the heart of Marcellus country, and has watched as the gas frackers have contaminated his well, affected his business and completely changed his way of life. When he learned that there was a danger to Sunbury and to our river from their toxic waste processing and transfer plant, he was determined to do everything in his power to fight their proposals – and a formidable opponent he has proved to be.

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