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June 25th, 2013

Why is Poisoning of Sunbury Children Considered a Valuable Public Health Policy?

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By Dr. Mercola

The debate over the dangers of fluoride has been ongoing for more than six decades. Study after study confirms that fluoride is a dangerous, toxic poison that bioaccumulates in your body while being ineffective at preventing dental decay.

Dr. David Kennedy’s documentary film Fluoridegate — An American Tragedy,1 exposes the sordid truth about water fluoridation, and it has nothing to do with promoting dental health.

Water fluoridation came about as the result of a massively successful PR campaign, and was reportedly first suggested as a way to protect aluminum and steel producers from lawsuits against the fluorine pollution coming from their plant.

In fact, what’s being heralded as a safe and effective prophylactic against cavities is actually a toxic industrial waste product, and it’s being added to water supplies because they have so much to get rid of, and toxic waste disposal is expensive. In a nutshell, a solution was devised in which hazardous waste could be eliminated at a profit.

Total Contempt for the Law

June 24th, 2013

“Another Illegal Act by a Power Drunk Mayor” – Bartello

Tonight at the regular meeting of Sunbury City Council, a resolution was passed as follows:

Sunbury Mayor, David Persing

Persing – More Illegalities

The City Council of the City of Sunbury hereby exercises the right under Article 3.7 of the City of Sunbury Code to re-assign employee management within the Department of Public Safety.

Therefore, it is resolved as follows:

  1. City Councilman Kevin Troup shall serve as City Council’s Agent to manage all personnel within the Department of Public Safety (a/k/a Zoning and Code Enforcement Office).
  2. This change in management shall remain in effect until further notice by City Council.

Councilman Bartello has released the following statement:

Councilman Joe Bartello

Joe Bartello

“Prior to tonight’s meeting the Mayor and two councilmen met in private to conspire against a fellow councilman. They admitted this fact on video at the meeting. Then they presented a ridiculous Resolution that has no basis in reality or any power behind it. They DO NOT have the power to remove a councilman from his department. They can revoke an act by the councilman, but not the councilman. The meeting they held before the council meeting was a violation of the Sunshine Law. Another illegal act by a power drunk mayor. The people of Sunbury deserve better.”

Nightmare on Spruce Street

June 23rd, 2013

City Violating Own Codes!

We have all heard about Mayor Persing’s plans to clean up our city and get rid of the “scourge” of blighted properties. On WKOK Friday, in front of an adoring audience of Mark Lawrence and Ben Reichley, he was waxing most eloquently about these plans. All well and good, but it seems that his plans only apply to some, and certainly not to the City of Sunbury and their very own portfolio of blighted properties.

Rear view of #239 Spruce Street

#239 Spruce – old vine-covered freezer and sagging balcony.

Not The Item spoke with Terry and Mary Marshall of Spruce Street, who occupy one half of a double. The other half, #239, has been owned by the City for 7 years, and would most certainly fall within the Mayor’s criteria to be considered an abandoned and blighted property.

Fowl Deeds on the Riverfront

June 16th, 2013

Persing’s Wild Goose Chase

For weeks Mayor Persing has been complaining bitterly to anyone within earshot about alleged dog fouling next to the Riverfront Walkway. He is even in the process of installing cameras along there in an effort to identify the culprits. Never mind looking for drug dealers, or other crime detection which some might consider a more important use for the cameras, just as long as our Riverfront is a poop-free zone.

Today Not The Item launched our own investigation into this serious threat to public safety, sending out a special team to investigate.

They returned with clear photographic evidence of wrong-doing, and even managed to get some shots of a sinister-looking bunch of possible culprits to pass on to our Police Department. Turns out there is a problem down there – but these suspects may not be too easy to apprehend. They were masked and holding a meeting a few feet offshore when we passed. They looked on warily and, very suspiciously to our team, appeared ready to make a fast exit should anyone have gotten too close to them.

Geese - the source of the RIverfront poop problem.

Sinister Looking Characters Cruising Offshore

New Free Classifieds Section

June 16th, 2013

 As an extension to the services we are offering to our local community, we are launching a new Classifieds Section for Not The Item. We offer a wide range of categories covering Yard Sales, For Sale/Wanted, Jobs, Services, Transport, Real Estate for Sale or Rent. Best of all, advertising in this section is completely FREE, and adverts run for up to 28 days and can easily be renewed.

Adverts can also include photographs or other illustrations to enhance their appeal to prospective buyers or sellers.

Take advantage of this section and reach out to our growing readership. We receive hundreds of individual visits each and every day, and many of these people check out our Blog regularly.

To get started, simply click on the “Classifieds” button on our main menu. The instructions should be easy to follow. Should you have any issues then use our “Contact Us” form to let us know about them.

We’d also love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for further additions to our range of pages, or if you wish to make public announcements or write for us.


June 12th, 2013

Furious Mother attacks City Code Officers

A Sunbury mother has contacted Not The Item, incensed by what she read in the Daily Item today about “resident after resident” lining up to sing the praises of city code officers (Wednesday June 12th), and has asked us to tell her very different story.

Her son, daughter and grandson share a rental property on the south side of the City, which was inspected earlier this year by code officers Swope and Rhodes. The inspection, which she described as cursory at best, lasted all of 10 minutes. They reported no defects, but were supplied by her daughter with a list of things which she thought were in need of attention. However, the following week when a plumber arrived to take care of some of these issues, a very different picture emerged.

Broken Water Heater Vent Pipe

Death Trap – Showing Broken Water Heater Vent Pipe.

Persing – Misleading from the Front

June 7th, 2013

Bartello Vindicated over Celotex Claims

Mayor Persing

Mayor Persing

At the City meeting of May 13th, Mayor Persing, backed by City Engineer John “Pray for the Wall” Bakowicz, gleefully proclaimed that according to an agreement the City had with Northumberland County, responsibility for enforcing City Codes at the John Moran-owned former Celotex site was now with the Northumberland County Conservation District, and not with his administration. He effectively washed his hands of the problem and then reburied his head in the sand, no doubt hoping that now it would all simply go away.

Well, guess what Mr. Persing, it won’t! Councilman Bartello, nominally in charge of the Code Office, wrote to Patrick Mack, County Director of Planning and Industrial Development to seek clarification about these claims.

Fracking and Environmental Destruction

June 4th, 2013

After months of public pressure over the possibility of expanding fracking in the Loyalsock State Forest, the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) finally held a public meeting on June 3rd at the Lycoming College in Williamsport. One leading opponent of these proposals has accepted our invitation to publish his presentation to the meeting at which he airs his real fears for the future, not just for the Loyalsock and its neighboring areas, but for our very existence at the hands of these ruthless exploiters. The gas is not going to help us or our economy – most of it will end up in China!

Dean Marshall

Dean Marshall

My name is Dean Marshall and I live in Columbia County.

 I am concerned not only about the cumulative effects of continued fossil fuel extraction and use, but especially by the permanent changes this will bring to Our few remaining Natural Areas.

 I was raised in a peaceful, Forrest and Farming area of Luzerne  County and taught to respect the land and All of the living things by my parents, who were raised on sawmills by their parents.  Responsible use of our Natural Resources was always the priority.

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