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“Our Trees are Safe” – Persing

August 27th, 2013

Coincidentally, one day after Not The Item commented on the failings of the new city camera system, the Daily Item, mouthpiece of the Persing administration, launched a retaliatory strike. Thanks to the new camera system, a guy has been apprehended after his vehicle hit one of the Parks Department trees on Front St. “These cameras are making our city safer” was the quoted comment from the Mayor.

This is the same Daily Item which did not even mention the armed robbery incident Friday night and the very real threat which it posed to the safety of some of our young citizens, and today failed to comment about the City meeting held Monday night, where  questions were asked about the mounting losses at the City-run snack bar at the Pool and Ice Rink.

Armed Robbery at Skateboard Park

August 26th, 2013

No Help for Police from Big Brother!

Sunbury Skateboard Park

Sunbury Skateboard Park

Last Friday evening, sometime after 9:00pm, there was an armed robbery at the Skateboard Park on North 4th Street. Two visitors from New York City, one armed, were going through the belongings, backpacks, etc of the skateboarders and looking for stuff to steal. Initial reports of shots being fired proved to be incorrect. Sunbury PD responded quickly to the call. The would-be robbers were arrested and arraigned and are currently languishing in the county jail. Kudos to our police department for dealing with this threatening situation so promptly and efficiently.

Death in a Prison

August 15th, 2013

Tragedy Turned to Farce by Political Onslaught

In a tragic incident this week at the Northumberland County Prison in Sunbury, a young man of 27 hanged himself. According to what we have heard there were no suspicious circumstances. He had asked to be given protective custody, a request still to be processed by prison administrators, but this past Tuesday afternoon he would appear to have been alone in his cell, his body being discovered by guards at 5:45 pm.

Northumberland County Prison

Northumberland County Prison

We would expect to see signs of remorse from the authorities, while awaiting the outcome of the internal investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident, and with a commitment to take all available steps to prevent a future re-occurrence. However, much to our dismay, what we have witnessed so far has been nothing like this. Far from offering their condolences to the bereaved family, our leaders have engaged in tub thumping and chest beating, looking for scapegoats and trying to score cheap political points.

Bartello and Quiggle Triumph in Court

August 9th, 2013

Persing Thwarted in Attempt to Stifle Democracy

There is an old saying that only a fool would represent himself in court. Well, this could not have been better illustrated than by the debacle witnessed Thursday in Courtroom 1, Northumberland County Courthouse in front of Senior Judge Robert Sacavage, when wannabe City Councilman Rick Reichner presented his petition to remove Joe Bartello and Ed Quiggle from the November ballot.

Joe Bartello and Ed Quiggle with Alicia Herb at the Board of Elections

Joe Bartello and Ed Quiggle with Alicia Herb at the Board of Elections

He had filed this petition on August 1st, claiming that a number of signatures on the nomination papers shared by Councilman Joe Bartello and Ed Quiggle were either illegible, or invalid, a claim strongly denied by the defendants. Unfortunately for him, he had not signed the required verification document and even failed to serve the necessary papers, apparently relying on the local newspaper to provide notification of the hearing. Bartello had to pay the prothonotary’s office for his copy!

Persing – the Noose Tightens

August 7th, 2013

Previously Not The Item reported on a threat of litigation against the City from out-of-town lawyers, whose clients were concerned about ill effects to their health from operations by Moran Industries at the former Knight Celotex site.

Well, the ante has now been upped by the Speer Law Firm of Kansas City, MO.

Speers Law Firm

Mayor Persing had replied to their first letter, claiming that the City code office had received no complaints about dust from anyone. He claimed he had spent “2 weeks searching for any complaints”. Seems like this firm of attorneys do not take too kindly to such attempts to blow them off.

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