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Commissioner Best – 2015

September 30th, 2013

Breaking News! Breaking News! Breaking News!

Sunbury attorney Kymberley Best has announced her intent on running for Northumberland County Commissioner in 2015.

Kymberley Best - Running for Commissioner

Kymberley Best – Running for Commissioner

In a brief statement Kymberley explains that she has tried to stay far away from local politics. She has tried to ignore the low morale of county workers and elected officials. “To be frank“, she says, “Northumberland County is in a mess and has no leadership. Bullies are not leaders.

It is time to take back OUR COUNTY!!!!!

“Fiscal Irresponsibility” – Bartello

September 26th, 2013

$300,000 More Debt to Destroy Historic Wall

At an ill-tempered meeting of Sunbury City Council on 9/23/2013 it was decided to take up an “unused line of credit” to cover the estimated cost of $300,000 to destroy the historic WPA wall – a structure damaged by the September 2011 flood – the same wall that they insisted was safe during the spring Primary campaign. Why now? Why the rush?

One of the holes in the Sunbury river wall flood defense system

One of the Holes in our River Wall

Councilman Joe Bartello voted against what he termed fiscal irresponsibility. Later he expressed his disgust at the decision to remove another piece of Sunbury’s heritage, necessitating, as it does, a further increase in City debt. This decision has been taken against a backdrop of a lack of funds to support the food bank and other measures designed to help the poorest members of our community. He has pledged to reverse this decision should his mayoral campaign prove successful.

More Hardball in Race Street

September 22nd, 2013

Persing still in Denial over Damaged Property

On 20th March 2013 we published a report about Linda Metzger, #327 Race St. and the severe damage done to her family home by demolition contractors working for Mayor Persing as he sought to expand his Softball Hall of Fame.

Linda with husband Bill on their front porch at #327 Race Street

Linda with husband Bill on their front porch at #327 Race Street

This week we returned to the scene for an update, and were horrified to find that this 67-year-old woman and her disabled husband are still fighting to keep out the rain and dampness from their home or to get any form of a settlement from Persing, who is denying liability, and has hired a team of ASA lawyers to act in his defense. Linda has retained the services of local attorneys Kymberley Best and Timothy Bowers to pursue a claim for damages against all those involved.

Commissioner Slams “Grossman’s Goofballs”

September 16th, 2013

“Cowardly Leadership lacking in Journalistic Integrity”

By Commissioner Rick Shoch

Commissioner Rick Shoch

Commissioner Shoch

On September 1st I received the following comments and questions from a Daily Item reporter, in connection with a story they planned to run on September 15th:

“Tony Phillips said there are some riffs in the party but he hopes and believes the Republicans will come together. He also feels that the salary cut in the row offices is not a Tony Phillips decision but a commissioners decision. If they kept the controllers office the same that’s up to them. They voted to keep the office salary the same NOT a Tony Phillips salary.

Rick, you have been critical of Phillips, and Phillips said that in 2012 the controllers office came up with a county plan to save money and at a meeting you  praised Phillips for putting a plan together that is working, But now you are not backing Tony?  Why?

Why would you say that?

And also: Rick, do you believe the Republicans are coming together and will you be publicly supporting Justin Dunkelberger and Tony Phillips?

And finally….

Do you consider tony Phillips and Justin Dunkelberger  two of (for wont of a better term) Vinny’s boys?

The Burning Issue

September 13th, 2013

September 12, 2013

Mayor David Persing
City of Sunbury, 225 Market St, Sunbury, PA 17801

Dear Mayor Persing:

After reading the article on September 10, 2013, in “The Daily Item” and viewing the video of the Sunbury City Council meeting, I have a few questions that need to be clarified.

You were asked if existing devices would be “Grandfathered” in.  There was no mention of your decision in the video recording nor was there any mention in The Daily Item article on what decision was reached on “Grandfathering”.  Will there be any “Grandfathering” of existing fire pits?  When the ordinance that outlawed the use of “burn barrels” was passed, there was no “grandfathering” for existing burn barrels.  What would be the point of trying to stop the use of these items if people could simply be grandfathered in?  Would the “grandfathering” ignore the homemade devices, the distance from structures, or other equally important items?

Kowabungas is coming to Sunbury

September 6th, 2013

Joe Bartello Sealed the Deal

Passers-by have been intrigued recently by the work currently taking place at the former Modern Business Machines building at 425 Market St. Who could be moving in to the 3,500 sq ft premises? When are they due to open? What kind of business do they have?

Well, now all can be revealed. Kowabungas is coming to Sunbury. This $1Million “Chuck E Cheese” style development, employing up to 15 people, and with an opening date scheduled for October, is sure to provide a huge boost to the economy of the entire downtown area, bringing in much needed visitors, and benefitting neighboring businesses.


Money Drains Away in Pool Snack Bar

September 1st, 2013

$54,000 in 4 years and Nobody seems to Care!

An interesting article appeared in the Daily Item on Sunday August 4th 2013. In it were comments from Mayor Persing and Councilman Eister regarding losses of “a few dollars” at the Swimming Pool Snack Bar.

However, our research indicates that the losses were much, much more than a few dollars. According to the City’s own published figures for revenues and expenditures, the Snack Bar lost $10,523.80 in 2010, $12,980.58 in 2011 and $15,321.20 in 2012.

Sunbury Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

From the article, it appears that the Daily Item were given figures for Snack Bar wages differing significantly from those in City accounts – figures which they appear to have accepted at face value without any attempt at verification. According to the Daily Item, wages were $17,090 in 2011 and $13,488 in 2012.

No Case for War in Syria

September 1st, 2013

The conflict in Syria has been occupying much of the news recently. Having seen the rug pulled from under his feet by the actions of British Prime Minister Cameron, President Obama would appear to have found his isolation on the world stage increasingly uncomfortable.

Map of Syria

Cameron was cunning in his plan. Having discovered a complete lack of enthusiasm for war in Syria among the British populace, he passed the decision over to the British Parliament, expecting them to reject such a move. They did, and now he is off the hook. He “wanted” to do it but they stopped him. Is Obama now trying to pull the same face-saving trick with Congress?

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