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Mayor David and his Posse

October 31st, 2013

by Julie Brosius

Julie Brosius, prospective Mayor for Sunbury

Julie Brosius

I don’t think I am alone in finding it strange that Mayor David thought it necessary to divert two of our police officers from their normal duties of protecting our citizens in order to accompany him while campaigning in the Market House last Saturday. It may not have been his intent, but many people found their presence to be intimidating, and kept well clear.

The question has to be asked, Why? Why divert our hard working officers from their regular duties at a time when reports indicate they are unable to deal with more than 50% of the calls which come their way.

Does Mayor David feel threatened walking the streets of our City these days? Does he believe that he has upset so many people that his safety in Sunbury can no longer be guaranteed? This despite all the many improvements he claims to have introduced during his long reign?

If it is no longer safe for political candidates to be out on their own, then how about extending the same courtesy to his rival for Mayor – Councilman Bartello? I am sure he is in more need of it than our illustrious leader.

Persing? I’d rather Vote for Mickey Mouse!

October 30th, 2013

Wendy Lynne Lee, Professor of Natural Philosophy, Bloomsburg University

Frackers – Why Sunbury?

Professor Wendy Lee

Professor Wendy Lee

The gas fracking industry invariably looks for poor neighborhoods within which to locate its operations. This way they reckon the people will be easier to subdue and overcome as they are unable to generate an effective resistance to the plans. This is exactly what happened up at Riverdale in Lycoming Country with the water pumping station, when they wanted to dispossess a community living in mobile homes in an economically marginal neighborhood in order to set up operations there.

It is the same story with Moran Industries and Clean Harbors when they wanted to use the old Celotex Site in order to construct a frack waste processing plant. It is not currently proceeding, but it is certainly conceivable that they could come back if they can obtain the DEP permit that they were not able to obtain originally.

Mayor Persing has to know that they targeted that location because Sunbury, despite him having been mayor for most of the time since 1990, despite the fact that he claims to have done a ton for Sunbury, the Celotex site remains utterly blighted and is targeted by companies such as Clean Harbors precisely because it is an easy target and has rail transport.

Go Joe

October 27th, 2013

Joe Bartello wants to have term limits on our city officials. I think that would be GREAT. That is just like our Congressmen & Senators, they are in for so long they think we work for them, and they can do whatever they want. That is happening in Sunbury! Persing is running for his 6th term!  We are not supposed to question anything!

They say the houses they are STEALING from people have not paid the taxes and have deserted them. I know of one that had the taxes and anything else that needed paying, PAID! The grass was kept mowed, and the owner had just gotten a good job and was ready to start fixing it up. But a certain councilman needed parking for his tenants. The Judge suggested they be given more time but the “city lawyer” (how do we fire him?) said NO! So they tore it down. How many others has this happened to?

Please when you vote, lets get new people elected. I think Joe would make a good mayor, Drew Bingaman for council, and anybody else that is against Persing!

Jeanette Bostian   Sunbury Pa.  

Meet the Candidates – Saturday 26th

October 25th, 2013

Joe Bartello and Ed Quiggle will be in Cameron Park from 2pm to 4pm to meet with supporters and prospective voters. If you have any questions for the candidates and would like to find out more about how Mayor Bartello intends to rebuild our city and clear up the years of Persing mismanagement and neglect, then this is your opportunity.

Joe Bartello and Ed Quiggle

Joe Bartello & Ed Quiggle

The rally is being organized jointly with Take Back the County – the campaign organization for Kymberley Best and her bid to become County Commissioner in 2015. Members of this group will also be taking part in the event.

Take back the county

Take Back the County

Persing Running Scared from Bartello

October 22nd, 2013

Campaign Terrified by Budget and Tax Cut Proposals

The Daily Item published some of Joe Bartello’s proposals for the City this morning. What they missed from their article is of greater significance.

There was no mention of Joe’s key proposals – the ones to cut the City Budget by a minimum of $400,000 and also cut City Taxes as a consequence – both issues of which we are sure their readers would like to be informed.

Sunbury City Hall and County Court

City Hall and Courthouse

Letter to Editor from Former Resident

October 20th, 2013

From Jan Cary, Florida

 I accidentally found your blog. I left the city in 1972 and am shocked at what I have read in your blog! I cannot believe how things have changed. But some things don’t surprise me and in fact answer a few questions.

I am presently a 30+ year law enforcement officer, former elected Sheriff of the 2nd largest county in New Mexico, a department that is a full service law enforcement agency, former chief of police in Fort Valley, Georgia and with extensive police management and budget experience. I am a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

I have applied for the last 2 Chief’s positions, wanting to return and make a contribution back to the community. In seeing the current state of affairs I now know why I never even received a response, let alone an interview.

Good luck at keeping people honest and trying to make a difference.


October 20th, 2013

Joe Bartello today announced ambitious and far-reaching plans for the future of our city.

Joe Bartello at the Sunbury Halloween Parade

Joe Bartello for Mayor – Halloween Parade, Sunbury

The City Budget will be cut by at least $400,000 thanks to a big drive to improve efficiency and cut out waste and needless expense from City Hall.

Property Taxes will also be reduced.

Sunbury Police Department will be expanded. Finance will be provided for the recruitment of 3 additional officers, and the department will be better funded to help with their on-going fight against the drug problem and to make our city safe. As Mayor I would not find it acceptable for only 50% of calls requesting police assistance to receive a response. That is what is happening in Sunbury at the moment.

Cops Blindsided by Camera Fiasco

October 20th, 2013

$100,000 in Grant Money Unaccounted For

Had Mayor David Persing formed a committee from the criminal element to advise on his camera installation, they might have come up with the following suggestions:

  • Delay the project as long as he could.
  • Waste half the money on useless equipment
  • Buy as few cameras as possible
  • Recommended someone they knew to do the installation work
  • Install them in places such as the Riverfront and Swimming Pool where there is no criminal activity
  • Hide the feeds from the police department – the City Barn might be a good place for that
  • Don’t even tell the police where the cameras are
Sunbury security cameras now all over the city

Big Brother – Sunbury Style

They might have also added to their wish list the request to isolate the Chief of Police and starve his department of the funding and manpower needed to effectively fight crime in Sunbury.

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