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Sunbury Pipeline – A Clear and Present Danger to Valley Residents

May 18th, 2015

Serious Cancer Threat posed by High Radon Levels

The construction and use of the proposed gas pipeline to Shamokin Dam from the Marcellus Shale region to the north of our state presents a huge threat to the health of all valley residents. However, gas company UGI are conspiring to downplay the risks – refusing to publicly accept that there is even a problem! At a recent public meeting one UGI official – Mr. Bernie Holcumb, turned the truth on its head by deceptively denying that there was any radon in the gas from the Marcellus Shale beds!

The company which was recently fined by the Public Utility Commission the maximum amount of $500,000 following a 2011 Allentown explosion which killed 5 people, had their safety record at the same hearing described as “downright alarming”.

UGI logo

UGI – Safety record “downright alarming”!

However, they are taking no such chances with the Sunbury Pipeline. They have set up a separate company – UGI Sunbury LLC – to front the construction and operation of the pipeline and to insulate themselves from the prospect of any future liability. In the event of a catastrophe the parent company can simply wash its hands of it all and walk away, leaving their subsidiary to pay what it can towards any plaintiffs out of their limited resources. Do they even have adequate levels of insurance to cover potential damages to landowners and their property, or are they just minimally bonded? We just don’t know as they have stonewalled any questions concerning this issue.

Fracking and Environmental Destruction

June 4th, 2013

After months of public pressure over the possibility of expanding fracking in the Loyalsock State Forest, the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) finally held a public meeting on June 3rd at the Lycoming College in Williamsport. One leading opponent of these proposals has accepted our invitation to publish his presentation to the meeting at which he airs his real fears for the future, not just for the Loyalsock and its neighboring areas, but for our very existence at the hands of these ruthless exploiters. The gas is not going to help us or our economy – most of it will end up in China!

Dean Marshall

Dean Marshall

My name is Dean Marshall and I live in Columbia County.

 I am concerned not only about the cumulative effects of continued fossil fuel extraction and use, but especially by the permanent changes this will bring to Our few remaining Natural Areas.

 I was raised in a peaceful, Forrest and Farming area of Luzerne  County and taught to respect the land and All of the living things by my parents, who were raised on sawmills by their parents.  Responsible use of our Natural Resources was always the priority.


March 11th, 2013

Sunbury PA, 11th March 2013

Gas Fracker Immunity in State Senate Bill

The Pennsylvania Senate could vote soon to give gas drilling companies immunity – making it virtually impossible to hold them accountable for accidents and spills. The oil and gas industry has an atrocious record of spills and accidents in Pennsylvania — granting them immunity for risky activity is the last thing we should be doing.

The sign of John Moran in Sunbury

John Moran’s fracking waste transfer station – immunity under this new bill!

Here in Sunbury the legislation offers a shield for the activities of John Moran at the former Celotex site, and could prevent local residents and our city from taking action in the event of spills, contamination, road traffic accidents involving waste tankers or trucks, river and air pollution, adverse effects on public health from airborne carcinogens, etc.

The bill has Governor Corbett’s fingerprints all over it. The gas fracking industry has invested almost $2 million in his political career, John Moran is one of his key advisers. For the gas frackers it is now payback time.

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