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Mystery of the Disappearing Mayor

February 20th, 2014

Where is Dave Persing when the City Needs Him?

Mayor David Persing of Sunbury has disappeared from view at at time when he should be defending his city - Sunbury PA - from the feeding frenzy of the world's media over the "Craigs List Killers".

“They’ll never find me down here!”

The world’s media are laying siege to Sunbury. For the past few days they have been engaged in a feeding frenzy stirred up by a local reporter, and the claimed revelations of his exclusive Friday night interview with “Craig’s List Killer”, Miranda Barbour, in Northumberland County Jail.

Everyone from Dr. Phil to Fox News wants a piece of the action and to find a different news angle on the lurid details. They want to speak to the reporter, to the prison warden and to police chief, Steve Mazzeo. Above all they want to learn more about the young accused and her grizzly list of alleged murder victims – “I stopped counting when I got to 22!”

Coming Soon – The Sunbury American

February 10th, 2014

For the first time since the 1800’s there will be a second newspaper in Sunbury, PA. Joe Bartello is the publisher and, along with his daughter and editor, Britani, is the driving force behind the re-launch of The Sunbury American – initially a monthly newspaper to be distributed free of charge from local businesses throughout the area.

Publisher Joe and Editor Britani Bartello

Driving Force – Joe and Britani Bartello

As they see it, the American’s mission will be to provide an alternative news source to Sunbury and its surrounding locales in a way calculated to promote a sense of pride and community in the citizens. Its content will give readers the facts and knowledge needed to develop their personal opinions, analyze the actions of their elected representatives, and empower them in the protection of their freedoms and liberties.

The Bored Gamer – Now Open

October 3rd, 2013

Great News for Valley Gaming Community

To enter The Bored Gamer is to enter into a different world – a world of adventure, imagination and excitement populated by Wizards, Dragons and Superheroes, and with strange creatures such as Killer Bunnies lurking in some of the more bizarre corners.

Proprietor Julie and Husband Scott Walter of The Bored Gamer

Game On – Julie and Scott

The new store opened its doors this week, and is sure to become a Mecca both for the Valley gaming community and for Christmas shoppers as word spreads. The only establishment of its kind in the area, it shares premises with The Clothesline for Kids, the other business owned and operated by proprietor Julie Walter at #448 Market Street, Sunbury, right next to The Squeeze-In.

Going South with Sunbury Redevelopment

May 4th, 2013

It was a gray, overcast day when we spoke with Leslie Bostion, standing on what is now a parking lot, but used to be the site for her home. Leslie and her husband Lewie lost their house in South Street Sunbury. It was a beautiful double house sitting on a large lot, but was damaged by fire in July 2006. The structure was relatively unscathed, but there was a lot of internal damage.

Leslie and Natasha Bostion

Leslie and daughter Natasha Bostion – this empty lot used to be the site for their home!


At the time Lewie was out of work and could not afford to rebuild. The house remained boarded up, but he did some restoration work to it from time to time as finances became available.

Free Parking for Sunbury!

April 28th, 2013

Petition to Remove the Parking Meters

Nicole Rowe of Computer S.M.A.R.T., 264 Market Street (next to McGuigan’s Bar) has organized a petition to remove the parking meters from downtown Sunbury.

Parking Meter

Sunbury Parking Meter

“The parking meters are hurting the businesses of Sunbury. Customers and clients are less likely to visit the businesses of downtown Sunbury due to having to pay a parking fee, meter or fine. Customers and clients are more likely to go to another location (outside of city limits) or other businesses where the parking is free.



Sunbury History Day

April 22nd, 2013

History Day was a huge success for the Northumberland County Historical Society. Held in the grounds of Hunter House and also within the Museum & Library, there was something there for all the family. Some were making their first visits to the establishment. For others it was a chance to catch up and remind themselves of some of the key events in local history.

Third Batallion PA Regiment of Foot: The Fort Augusta Regiment, Burd's Co. 1756-64

Burd’s Co March to the Beat of a Drum

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