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Looking Back

November 7th, 2013
by Britani Bartello

There are thousands, if not millions of people in America, who are happy the election is over so they can finally stop hearing about “the candidates,” “the issues,” and just “politics” in general. I too was one of those people. That is, up until 4 years ago when my dad was elected to the Sunbury City Council. At that moment I had a reason to care about politics, although I never understood it and I never really paid attention.

When he was elected, he had many ideas on how to improve the city. Whether it was concepts for businesses in the city, ways to improve efficiency of our city employees, or hopes of helping citizens in the city who are less fortunate and need financial or physical assistance improving their homes.

I followed his journey through the ups and downs of being a public official in Sunbury while I was in college but didn’t have a lot of extra time to help. When I finished my last semester of classes in graduate school, I finally had some free time to spend helping video record the City Council meetings on Monday nights.

Defiant Mayor threatens “Evil” Opponents

November 7th, 2013

Persing and a Missed Opportunity

On Tuesday evening, Mayor David L. Persing had a wonderful opportunity to start the healing process for his deeply divided city. He had the chance to be magnanimous in victory, to hold out an olive branch to his opponents and to chart a new way ahead for the city which would be acceptable to a vast majority of its citizens.

Instead he went into attack mode with a bellicose and threatening speech, more reminiscent of Nazi Germany than the Land of the Free, a speech which has spawned a YouTube video entitled “Defiant Mayor with only 60% of vote calls opposition, evil, garbage, makes threats”.

The Bartello Budget

November 3rd, 2013

Achieving a Sustainable Future for Sunbury

In response to the huge level of interest being shown in Joe Bartello’s proposals to end unnecessary and wasteful spending, and to cut the City Budget, his campaign tonight released the following statement:

“My proposals to reduce the city budget are based on the removal of service duplication, the elimination of waste and a much more professional system of city-wide management.

“The availability of finance for city services is, to a large extent, dependent on the state of the local economy. I will make it a priority to actively pursue industries to bring more jobs to Sunbury and help our economy grow.

Persing Running Scared from Bartello

October 22nd, 2013

Campaign Terrified by Budget and Tax Cut Proposals

The Daily Item published some of Joe Bartello’s proposals for the City this morning. What they missed from their article is of greater significance.

There was no mention of Joe’s key proposals – the ones to cut the City Budget by a minimum of $400,000 and also cut City Taxes as a consequence – both issues of which we are sure their readers would like to be informed.

Sunbury City Hall and County Court

City Hall and Courthouse


October 20th, 2013

Joe Bartello today announced ambitious and far-reaching plans for the future of our city.

Joe Bartello at the Sunbury Halloween Parade

Joe Bartello for Mayor – Halloween Parade, Sunbury

The City Budget will be cut by at least $400,000 thanks to a big drive to improve efficiency and cut out waste and needless expense from City Hall.

Property Taxes will also be reduced.

Sunbury Police Department will be expanded. Finance will be provided for the recruitment of 3 additional officers, and the department will be better funded to help with their on-going fight against the drug problem and to make our city safe. As Mayor I would not find it acceptable for only 50% of calls requesting police assistance to receive a response. That is what is happening in Sunbury at the moment.

Cops Blindsided by Camera Fiasco

October 20th, 2013

$100,000 in Grant Money Unaccounted For

Had Mayor David Persing formed a committee from the criminal element to advise on his camera installation, they might have come up with the following suggestions:

  • Delay the project as long as he could.
  • Waste half the money on useless equipment
  • Buy as few cameras as possible
  • Recommended someone they knew to do the installation work
  • Install them in places such as the Riverfront and Swimming Pool where there is no criminal activity
  • Hide the feeds from the police department – the City Barn might be a good place for that
  • Don’t even tell the police where the cameras are
Sunbury security cameras now all over the city

Big Brother – Sunbury Style

They might have also added to their wish list the request to isolate the Chief of Police and starve his department of the funding and manpower needed to effectively fight crime in Sunbury.

Persing Hoisted by Own Petard

October 8th, 2013

Vendetta against Bartello proves costly to City Taxpayers

There have been dramatic new developments in the Joe Bartello “Computergate” case.

Joe Bartello during Restore the Fourth Rally - Sunbury Riverfront

Joe Bartello

In a misleading story published September 27th, the Daily Item claimed that “US Judge dismisses Bartello allegation“. Their report went on to place the blame for the $10,000 in City legal fees for a “frivolous lawsuit” directly on Councilman Bartello – a claim which even the most elementary of investigative journalism by their chief reporter would have revealed to be patently false.

Not The Item spoke with Bartello’s attorney, Timothy Bowers, husband of Kymberley Best, who painted a very different picture indeed.

It turns out that the $10,000 in legal fees which the City claims this case has cost them to date are not down to Bartello at all, but down to the actions of Mayor Persing. Following the original hearing in Sunbury before Judge Saylor, who found against the City, Bartello offered to settle the case in exchange for the City covering his filing and service fees, amounting to some $300. This offer was rejected by Persing.

Restore the Fourth Rally – Sunbury

October 4th, 2013

Hear Joe Bartello, Next Mayor of Sunbury

Joe Bartello

Joe Bartello

The Restore the Fourth rally, scheduled to begin at 1:00 pm Saturday at Merle Phillips Park, Front and Market Streets, Sunbury, aims to end all forms of unconstitutional surveillance of digital communications currently being carried out by the US Government.

The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights which guarantees individual privacy, prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and requires any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause.

This Rally is about your liberties. If you value them then please come along and support its objectives.

“Fiscal Irresponsibility” – Bartello

September 26th, 2013

$300,000 More Debt to Destroy Historic Wall

At an ill-tempered meeting of Sunbury City Council on 9/23/2013 it was decided to take up an “unused line of credit” to cover the estimated cost of $300,000 to destroy the historic WPA wall – a structure damaged by the September 2011 flood – the same wall that they insisted was safe during the spring Primary campaign. Why now? Why the rush?

One of the holes in the Sunbury river wall flood defense system

One of the Holes in our River Wall

Councilman Joe Bartello voted against what he termed fiscal irresponsibility. Later he expressed his disgust at the decision to remove another piece of Sunbury’s heritage, necessitating, as it does, a further increase in City debt. This decision has been taken against a backdrop of a lack of funds to support the food bank and other measures designed to help the poorest members of our community. He has pledged to reverse this decision should his mayoral campaign prove successful.

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