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Mayor David and his Posse

October 31st, 2013

by Julie Brosius

Julie Brosius, prospective Mayor for Sunbury

Julie Brosius

I don’t think I am alone in finding it strange that Mayor David thought it necessary to divert two of our police officers from their normal duties of protecting our citizens in order to accompany him while campaigning in the Market House last Saturday. It may not have been his intent, but many people found their presence to be intimidating, and kept well clear.

The question has to be asked, Why? Why divert our hard working officers from their regular duties at a time when reports indicate they are unable to deal with more than 50% of the calls which come their way.

Does Mayor David feel threatened walking the streets of our City these days? Does he believe that he has upset so many people that his safety in Sunbury can no longer be guaranteed? This despite all the many improvements he claims to have introduced during his long reign?

If it is no longer safe for political candidates to be out on their own, then how about extending the same courtesy to his rival for Mayor – Councilman Bartello? I am sure he is in more need of it than our illustrious leader.


May 23rd, 2013

In Sunbury our local newspaper and our mayor share two things in common – dwindling support and a disdain for public opinion.

Mr. Persing received 378 votes in this week’s primary, or the support of only 6% of the adult population – supporter numbers have continued to dwindle – down from 589 in 2001 and from 441 in 2009 – a dismal set of statistics for our “popular” mayor, however you choose to look at them. It could also be said that 94% of those old enough to vote did not give him their support, and, in fact, over 20 voters wrote “Anyone but Persing” on their ballots.

The Daily Item had to lay off some staff members recently – one from each department within the organization. They are obviously losing significant amounts of money. If their news is failing to excite the population and to sell sufficient copies then there is only one man to blame – the editor. Gary Grossman has unashamedly backed Persing throughout the campaign, and was making confident noises of victory at a time when many others thought it was going to be close. Of course, outsiders knew nothing of the ambush they were preparing for election day.

Putting the Sun back in Sunbury

May 20th, 2013
Julie Brosius, prospective Mayor for Sunbury

Julie Brosius

Tuesday May 21st is a momentous date in the long history of our City. This is the day that Sunburians can exorcise City Hall to rid themselves of the current oppressive regime and vote for a new beginning under their first ever woman mayor – Julie Brosius.

Mayor Persing has been in office on and off for the last 24 years. In a country where even the President can only run for 2 terms, Persing wants to have a sixth. It could a little uncharitable to say that 5 terms is 5 too many, but it is certainly more than enough for anyone.

A Message from Julie Brosius

May 19th, 2013

Over the last few weeks I have spoken with many people, shared in their personal experiences and learned many new things about our city. Almost all of them had one thing in common – a desire for change in our city. We need to steer a new course – one which will benefit all our citizens.

Julie Brosius, prospective Mayor for Sunbury

Julie Brosius

I can closely identify with these desires – the same ones which originally prompted me to run for mayor.

I want the citizens to know that my platform is one of us all working together as a city. The talent and interests of the members of our community can inspire the development of projects to embrace our family-like community spirit, with the potential to also develop and promote tourism.

Mayor Brosius will support Our Fire Companies

April 30th, 2013

Mayoral candidate Julie Brosius is fighting for our fire fighters. No doubt aware of evidence of a strong anti-Persing sentiment within the ranks of these brave and selfless individuals, she stated that she was keen to foster a closer relationship between the City and the fire companies, and, going by the press release received by Not The Item, is determined to demonstrate just how different things will be in City Hall under a Brosius Administration.

Julie Brosius, prospective Mayor for Sunbury

Julie Brosius

The resentment towards Mr. Persing would appear partly due to his “my way or the highway” mode of government, his decision to move the Fireman’s Fair out of Cameron Part last year, and has been further fueled by a recent decision of his to stop the companies from holding their normal in-house BBQ fundraisers, and instead force them to haul everything down to the River Front, maximizing inconvenience to both company and also to their regular patrons.

Reflections on Sunbury Debacle

April 25th, 2013

Julie Brosius, prospective Mayor for Sunbury, has today issued the following statement:

Julie Brosius, prospective Mayor for Sunbury

Julie Brosius

“Monday, April 22, 2013, I attended the Sunbury City Council Meeting and I am still reeling from shock due to the tone of the meeting.  There was a fever pitch of anger so intense you could have cut it with a knife.  It was utter chaos!  Bullying at its best.  The only thing that was accomplished was an exhibition of anger and the utterance of unkind remarks, certain to fragment our sense of community spirit.

“It is unclear to me, why Mr. Persing or any council member present of said meeting did not request that everyone in council chambers remain calm so that each person could voice their concern in a respectful and objective manner.

Dawn of a New Era

March 12th, 2013

Sunbury PA, 12th March 2013

Today Julie Brosius took the next step in her path to becoming the new mayor of Sunbury. She handed in her nomination papers to confirm her status as a candidate for the Republican Party in the forthcoming primary elections.


Julie signs her nomination papers.

A Time for Change

March 1st, 2013

Sunbury PA, 1st March 2013

Sign up to Support Julie Brosius


The campaign for a new mayor for Sunbury is gathering steam. This morning in the Sunbury Market House,  campaign workers are collecting signatures for Julie’s nomination petition to run against Mayor Persing in the Republican Primary in May.

All registered Republican voters living in the City of Sunbury are eligible to sign. Certainly there has been much interest, a lot of very supportive comments and a steady stream of signatories.

Julie herself will be in the Market House on Saturday morning, so if you want to see Sunbury change for the better, please come along and offer her your support.





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