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Malice in Vinnie Land

May 11th, 2014

State Police Disrupt Peaceful AOAA Protest

The Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA) is a 6,500+ acre (over 10 sq. mile) park which is under development primarily on coal scarred county owned land, in Northumberland county, PA. The reported plans include camping, hiking, biking, and horseback riding facilities plus motorcycle, ATV and full size off-road trails at the park.

State police excessive turnout to control a peaceful demonstration.

Excessive Police Presence

Phase one is near completion and partial operations are to commence on their official opening day scheduled for May 17th 2014. Surprisingly as of May 11th there is not yet any signage in place to mark the entrance, and the entrance road itself was barricaded, complete with dire threats of action against would-be trespassers, aimed no doubt at unwitting county taxpayers whose money made this whole extravaganza possible in the first place.

NOAA Property - No Trespassing

Vinnie Welcomes You

This is a somewhat different scene from the one witnessed last weekend, when those arriving to stage a peaceful protest over access rights to the property were met by the intimidating presence of excessive numbers of heavily armed state police in full riot gear.

Mystery of the Disappearing Mayor

February 20th, 2014

Where is Dave Persing when the City Needs Him?

Mayor David Persing of Sunbury has disappeared from view at at time when he should be defending his city - Sunbury PA - from the feeding frenzy of the world's media over the "Craigs List Killers".

“They’ll never find me down here!”

The world’s media are laying siege to Sunbury. For the past few days they have been engaged in a feeding frenzy stirred up by a local reporter, and the claimed revelations of his exclusive Friday night interview with “Craig’s List Killer”, Miranda Barbour, in Northumberland County Jail.

Everyone from Dr. Phil to Fox News wants a piece of the action and to find a different news angle on the lurid details. They want to speak to the reporter, to the prison warden and to police chief, Steve Mazzeo. Above all they want to learn more about the young accused and her grizzly list of alleged murder victims – “I stopped counting when I got to 22!”

Rick Shoch Rescues Records

January 14th, 2014


Commissioner Rick Shoch

Commissioner Shoch

Amazing news just received from Commissioner Rick Shoch. He has been working hard behind the scenes to help rescue the Northumberland County historical records, currently stored under very damp and unsatisfactory conditions in the courthouse basement.

Today he has secured promises of funding worth $1 million from the Degenstein Foundation including the provision of a building owned by them in the 300 block of Market St. and its adaptation for its new use. Additional funding will be required to cover day to day expenses, heating, staffing, etc., but Rick Shoch is confident that this will be forthcoming also.

Commissioner Best – 2015

September 30th, 2013

Breaking News! Breaking News! Breaking News!

Sunbury attorney Kymberley Best has announced her intent on running for Northumberland County Commissioner in 2015.

Kymberley Best - Running for Commissioner

Kymberley Best – Running for Commissioner

In a brief statement Kymberley explains that she has tried to stay far away from local politics. She has tried to ignore the low morale of county workers and elected officials. “To be frank“, she says, “Northumberland County is in a mess and has no leadership. Bullies are not leaders.

It is time to take back OUR COUNTY!!!!!

Commissioner Slams “Grossman’s Goofballs”

September 16th, 2013

“Cowardly Leadership lacking in Journalistic Integrity”

By Commissioner Rick Shoch

Commissioner Rick Shoch

Commissioner Shoch

On September 1st I received the following comments and questions from a Daily Item reporter, in connection with a story they planned to run on September 15th:

“Tony Phillips said there are some riffs in the party but he hopes and believes the Republicans will come together. He also feels that the salary cut in the row offices is not a Tony Phillips decision but a commissioners decision. If they kept the controllers office the same that’s up to them. They voted to keep the office salary the same NOT a Tony Phillips salary.

Rick, you have been critical of Phillips, and Phillips said that in 2012 the controllers office came up with a county plan to save money and at a meeting you  praised Phillips for putting a plan together that is working, But now you are not backing Tony?  Why?

Why would you say that?

And also: Rick, do you believe the Republicans are coming together and will you be publicly supporting Justin Dunkelberger and Tony Phillips?

And finally….

Do you consider tony Phillips and Justin Dunkelberger  two of (for wont of a better term) Vinny’s boys?

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