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“Shik Teacher Did This to My Son!” – Mother

November 20th, 2014

School Board Stonewalls Investigation

Showing head wound sustained by Isaiah Betz during alleged teacher attack

Injuries Sustained During Alleged Attack

Deborah and Brian Betz of Sunbury came to us with details of a serious assault by a teacher, which they say took place at the Middle School earlier this year, on Friday February 21st, when their son Isaiah, only 13 and small for his age, was violently pushed into a door with such force that he sustained an enormous gash to his head – leaving 2 pints of his blood all over the school floor and requiring the insertion of 9 staples at the hospital emergency room.

The school did not call 911 to request either medical or police assistance, and failed to even alert the parents about this incident. The school nurse did not appear willing to offer medical aid, but instead sent Isaiah to the washroom to clean up his wound all by himself!

Shikellamy Bullying

March 16th, 2013

Sunbury PA, 16th March 2013

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Amidst all the brouhaha surrounding the Shikellamy bullying investigation, one fact appears to have escaped almost without comment – police have been called to the school over 100 times in the last year alone – this translates into several visits per week during the school year. Apart from the obvious problems at the school, this also involves a tremendous strain on Sunbury PD resources. It is not just the time spent at the school, but the even longer time spent afterwards writing up reports, attending court, etc., at an annual cost to the police budget of many thousands of dollars.

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