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The Bored Gamer – Now Open

October 3rd, 2013

Great News for Valley Gaming Community

To enter The Bored Gamer is to enter into a different world – a world of adventure, imagination and excitement populated by Wizards, Dragons and Superheroes, and with strange creatures such as Killer Bunnies lurking in some of the more bizarre corners.

Proprietor Julie and Husband Scott Walter of The Bored Gamer

Game On – Julie and Scott

The new store opened its doors this week, and is sure to become a Mecca both for the Valley gaming community and for Christmas shoppers as word spreads. The only establishment of its kind in the area, it shares premises with The Clothesline for Kids, the other business owned and operated by proprietor Julie Walter at #448 Market Street, Sunbury, right next to The Squeeze-In.

Kowabungas is coming to Sunbury

September 6th, 2013

Joe Bartello Sealed the Deal

Passers-by have been intrigued recently by the work currently taking place at the former Modern Business Machines building at 425 Market St. Who could be moving in to the 3,500 sq ft premises? When are they due to open? What kind of business do they have?

Well, now all can be revealed. Kowabungas is coming to Sunbury. This $1Million “Chuck E Cheese” style development, employing up to 15 people, and with an opening date scheduled for October, is sure to provide a huge boost to the economy of the entire downtown area, bringing in much needed visitors, and benefitting neighboring businesses.


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