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Commissioner Best – 2015

September 30th, 2013

Breaking News! Breaking News! Breaking News!

Sunbury attorney Kymberley Best has announced her intent on running for Northumberland County Commissioner in 2015.

Kymberley Best - Running for Commissioner

Kymberley Best – Running for Commissioner

In a brief statement Kymberley explains that she has tried to stay far away from local politics. She has tried to ignore the low morale of county workers and elected officials. “To be frank“, she says, “Northumberland County is in a mess and has no leadership. Bullies are not leaders.

It is time to take back OUR COUNTY!!!!!

Kymberley will announce more details of her campaign in due course, but she is looking for support from across the political spectrum.

Bartello Expresses Delight

Joe Bartello

Joe Bartello

Candidate for City Mayor, Joe Bartello expressed his delight at the news .

Kym is someone I’ve known most of my life. Through school at first and then in the business world. I have always had the utmost respect for her and trust her as my attorney. I fully endorse her candidacy for County Commissioner.

He added that he is looking forward as Mayor of Sunbury to working closely with Kymberley.

Each of them faces a massive task in cleaning up the mess from their respective predecessors, getting rid of the cronyism and nepotism which currently bedevils local government at all levels, and restoring the trust of the people in the democratic process.


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  • David Fisher says on: October 1, 2013 at 7:09 pm


    What good has come from Clausi? What you’ve read in the media, what you’ve been told? The truth, actually the facts, there has been no growth in our County since Commissioner Clausi, nor his sidekick. Do you believe that Administration revolves around posting how corruption has been found? Of course corruption has to be ended, it’s only common sense but don’t you think Commissioner Clausi can do two things at once? Find corruption as well as find generating revenue this County needs?

    Life in Government does not revolve around just simple minded, narrow minded plans. It involves strategy, a future sight, for the Citizens to prosper. Look around us and look at other Counties. They’re growing, we’re not. Have you ever heard Clausi asking businesses to move in, on reduced or deferred taxes? Growth in industry leads to growth in jobs, leads to growth in population, leads to growth in homes, spending, and the domino effect. More people leads to more tax revenue leads to better economy.

    What has occurred to prevent tax increases during Commissioners Clausi’s term has been the sale of one of the Finest NON PROFIT Nursing homes. The sale of County Transportation. The moneys received from these sales offset the necessary need to increase taxes. Those are now gone, the County will NEVER get them back, nor be able to help our Aging with it’s own NON-PROFIT NURSING HOME! Remember, Government CANNOT MAKE A PROFIT.

    When you think of what has happened during Commissioner Clausi term(s) (hence his own statement of ‘Career Politian, think of what we lost, and yet what we will lose as the public has been kept from the truth, the actual facts. I urge every Citizen to simply think for themselves and NOT believe everything you read, until you find the true facts.

    Kymberley Best, an attorney, with enormous experience in both Administrative and Judicial branches of government, her skill set along with her vast knowledge of this County, and the LAWS, if thought out without bias, will only lead to one conclusion. She is and will be the best and most fit candidate EVER to hold a Commissioner position with this County.

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