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Hello Sunbury

February 18th, 2013

Welcome to Not The Item, putting Sunbury First!

Our new blog has launched. However you found us, we thank you for your interest, and hope you will stay with us as we consolidate and grow.

We are here to inform. We will cut through the veil of secrecy currently surrounding many of the workings in our city, and expose misdeeds to the full glare of public scrutiny. We are independent, believe dearly in the principles of democracy, and intend to hold to account those whose actions might indicate otherwise.

We commence publication at a time when our city faces major challenges. Many important issues affecting its future are being swept under the rug rather than addressed. Mayor Persing wants to turn Sunbury into the fracking waste dump of Pennsylvania, with serious implications for the health and wealth of every resident. He’d rather you didn’t know about his plans – at least, not until after the elections.

Democracy cannot work when politicians are given free rein by a subservient media. Local newspapers should act as watchdogs, not lapdogs, while fulfilling their essential roles as guardians of the liberties and freedoms of this country – liberties and freedoms taken for granted by far too many. When residents are kept out of the loop, don’t know what is happening in their neighborhoods, and are uninformed about the sometimes dubious actions of their elected representatives, then we are indeed faced with a democratic deficit.

Here at Not The Item we are available for everyone – current residents, ex residents, or others with a connection to or interest in our City. If you have a valid point to make and would like to be heard then let us provide your platform. We are also looking for regular contributors. If you think you can play a part in this new venture, or have ideas that might help widen our scope and improve our offerings then please contact the editor –

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Please tell your friends, family and other contacts about us – either directly or by email, Twitter, Like or Repost on Facebook, leave your comments, etc. We also have attractive fliers you can get to hand out, put on noticeboards or in your window. You can use our contact form to make your request.

Above all, enjoy the ride.

Editorial Team

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