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Mayor David and his Posse

October 31st, 2013

by Julie Brosius

Julie Brosius, prospective Mayor for Sunbury

Julie Brosius

I don’t think I am alone in finding it strange that Mayor David thought it necessary to divert two of our police officers from their normal duties of protecting our citizens in order to accompany him while campaigning in the Market House last Saturday. It may not have been his intent, but many people found their presence to be intimidating, and kept well clear.

The question has to be asked, Why? Why divert our hard working officers from their regular duties at a time when reports indicate they are unable to deal with more than 50% of the calls which come their way.

Does Mayor David feel threatened walking the streets of our City these days? Does he believe that he has upset so many people that his safety in Sunbury can no longer be guaranteed? This despite all the many improvements he claims to have introduced during his long reign?

If it is no longer safe for political candidates to be out on their own, then how about extending the same courtesy to his rival for Mayor – Councilman Bartello? I am sure he is in more need of it than our illustrious leader.

Primary Harassment

Indeed I could have done with some police protection myself during the spring Primary. I remember one night in particular when I was accosted right outside the City Council Meeting Room by two Persing supporters, both of whom are now in the race to become City Councilmen. Dale Henry and Ric Reichner tried to be intimidating, backed me against a wall, with both of them pointing fingers in my face while circling around like wolverines and rudely questioning my right to even be there.

I repeatedly asked them not to place their fingers in my face as they continued to invade my personal space. Finally I threw up my palms up in protest and projected loudly, “Boys and their toys” and walked confidently to the elevator. They had looks of “disbelief” on their faces.

This incident, while it lasted, was somewhat disconcerting, and clearly illustrated their contempt for members of the opposite sex, with tactics of intimidation and bullying at its finest. I got the distinct impression that they both firmly believed that my place should be far from City Hall – in fact stuck in a kitchen somewhere. This is a message I want to get out to all women voters in Sunbury. Think long and hard before casting your vote for either of these two characters.

Vote for Joe

As for me, Julie Brosius, I have certainly not gone away. I am sticking around and will continue to closely monitor and question the activities of our elected officials.

Joe Bartello has my firm support in his bid to become our next Mayor. I believe his election will be the first step in a long process of restoring the fortunes of my home city, which are currently at such a low ebb, and helping it become once more a vibrant community, where people will want to move to and settle and raise their families.

Make it happen. Vote for changes in Sunbury. Vote Bartello, Quiggle and Bingaman Tuesday, November 5th.

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