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March 11th, 2013

Sunbury PA, 11th March 2013

Gas Fracker Immunity in State Senate Bill

The Pennsylvania Senate could vote soon to give gas drilling companies immunity – making it virtually impossible to hold them accountable for accidents and spills. The oil and gas industry has an atrocious record of spills and accidents in Pennsylvania — granting them immunity for risky activity is the last thing we should be doing.

The sign of John Moran in Sunbury

John Moran’s fracking waste transfer station – immunity under this new bill!

Here in Sunbury the legislation offers a shield for the activities of John Moran at the former Celotex site, and could prevent local residents and our city from taking action in the event of spills, contamination, road traffic accidents involving waste tankers or trucks, river and air pollution, adverse effects on public health from airborne carcinogens, etc.

The bill has Governor Corbett’s fingerprints all over it. The gas fracking industry has invested almost $2 million in his political career, John Moran is one of his key advisers. For the gas frackers it is now payback time.

Senate Bill 411

This bill is ostensibly to motivate gas drillers to use highly contaminated water from Pennsylvania’s abandoned coalmines to frack. They are going to take highly contaminated water from one part of the state, transport it to another part, add even more contamination to it and then pump it back underground. Does anyone else see the problem here? To sweeten the deal, the bill’s authors want to amend the “Good Samaritan” law to remove liability for gas drilling companies when they use this polluted water.

What could this mean?

• When drilling companies have spills or accidents, it may be virtually impossible to hold them accountable.

• If you own property adjacent to or downstream from one of these accidents, you couldn’t take actions to recover damages.

• And the bill is so vague that it’s even unclear if we could hold fracking companies accountable under existing laws if they chose to violate them.

Take Action

A vote could take place as early as this week, so it’s critical we email or call our state senators and tell them to stop this proposal dead in its tracks.

Tell your State Senator to vote NO to letting gas drilling companies off the hook from their accidents and pollution in our communities.

Click here to take action:

Sunbury residents:
Contact your Sentator John R. Gordner today. Tell him to follow the constitution, not attempt to rewrite it!
Harrisburg: (717) 787-8928 FAX: (717) 787-9715
Bloomsburg Office: (570) 784-3464 FAX: (570) 784-9379

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