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Opposition(?) to NDAA

February 26th, 2013

“Take it any way you want” – Persing

Sunbury PA – Monday February 25th 2013

“You can take whatever we did here tonight any way you want!” With these lines Mayor Persing arrogantly dismissed protests from members of PANDA (People against the NDAA) after passing a lukewarm resolution, more in the nature of a whitewash than a meaningful statement of intent.

The City had been asked to oppose the provisions under the NDAA (National Defense Appropriation Act) and the Patriot Act, whereby Americans are subject to clandestine surveillance, arrest and indefinite detention without trial, at the whim of the US Government – a measure more reminiscent of the regime in North Korea than one which might be expected to be enacted in a country which so publicly basks in the “freedoms” and “liberties” of its citizens.

In the resolution the City Council stated it would uphold the constitution, but rather than stating that they would refuse to cooperate in such unconstitutional activities, they merely sat on the fence, by stating they would write to Representative Lou Barletta to ask him to do whatever he could to change the law – this is the same Lou Barletta who voted for all the provisions of the NDAA and subsequently refused to vote for an amendment which would have removed the section covering detention without trial!

Persing also refused to be drawn when asked by Constable Ed Quiggle whether or not he would instruct his police force to refuse to co-operate with any request for apprehension made under these provisions.

Audience Disbelief

Members of PANDA and others present shook their heads in disbelief when the resolution was read out. It had been understood that a much stronger wording, based on a draft handed to the city by Oath Keepers, would be adopted. City Councilman Joe Bartello was not even informed of this change until he heard the new resolution at the meeting. Democracy in action, Sunbury-style!

You can see the proposed Oath Keepers resolution here


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