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“Our Trees are Safe” – Persing

August 27th, 2013

Coincidentally, one day after Not The Item commented on the failings of the new city camera system, the Daily Item, mouthpiece of the Persing administration, launched a retaliatory strike. Thanks to the new camera system, a guy has been apprehended after his vehicle hit one of the Parks Department trees on Front St. “These cameras are making our city safer” was the quoted comment from the Mayor.

This is the same Daily Item which did not even mention the armed robbery incident Friday night and the very real threat which it posed to the safety of some of our young citizens, and today failed to comment about the City meeting held Monday night, where  questions were asked about the mounting losses at the City-run snack bar at the Pool and Ice Rink.

Strange Priorities

Journalistic standards such as these would be more befitting the Pyongyang People’s Daily in North Korea, or Pravda, the former mouthpiece of the Soviets in the USSR.

So here we have city priorities in a nutshell. The cameras are being installed to protect the trees. The safety of our kids at the skateboard park doesn’t matter just so long as city trees are protected from vehicular assault. $200,000 in tax dollars has been well spent.

They also took a police officer away from his regular duties and used his valuable time to scan through hours of video looking for the person who hit their tree – this in a city where the mayor is refusing to authorize police overtime to help with the war against drugs – a drug problem which is rapidly spiraling out of control.

We have a question for all our readers – Do you think the city might have a problem with its priorities here? We invite your comments.

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