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Persing Running Scared from Bartello

October 22nd, 2013

Campaign Terrified by Budget and Tax Cut Proposals

The Daily Item published some of Joe Bartello’s proposals for the City this morning. What they missed from their article is of greater significance.

There was no mention of Joe’s key proposals – the ones to cut the City Budget by a minimum of $400,000 and also cut City Taxes as a consequence – both issues of which we are sure their readers would like to be informed.

Sunbury City Hall and County Court

City Hall and Courthouse

Persing – Increasing Taxes while Decreasing Tax Base

In contrast to Joe Bartello, Persing has alluded to the fact that he intends to raise city taxes in the spring should he be successful next month. He made the announcement during his State of the City Address back in March. He keeps telling us that the city is moving forward. Unfortunately, he is facing the wrong way.

Mayor Persing

Mayor Persing

Under Persing the city is proving to be openly hostile to new business. Also, we are faced with a decreasing tax base as the remorseless drive to turn large swathes of real estate into parking lots continues. They have another 10 properties in their sights now – 10 properties that could and should be rehabbed and made available for reoccupation.

However, under the malign influence of the unelected body of SEDA-COG, Sunbury “Redevelopment” are relentlessly tearing the heart out of our city, and City Solicitor Apfelbaum, as the chief facilitator in the seizure of properties, is happily collecting huge fees for his services.

24 Years of Incompetence, Corruption and Decay

The present City Budget is the result of 24 years of incompetence, corruption and decay. With the exception of the years under Mayor Woodring, between 2005 and 2009, that is the way it has been ever since Persing first assumed control in 1990.

Examples of irresponsible and profligate spending are everywhere:

  • They are proposing to spend $300,000 to rebuild part of the historic WPA wall when a simple $30,500 repair would suffice – a repair for which they already have received a FEMA grant.
  • There is the camera fiasco where $100,000 of the original $200,000 grant is apparently unaccounted for.
  • There was the $2.6 million (now even more) owed by the operators of the former Celotex site for numerous and on-going code violations, on which Persing has refused to collect, and even went so far as to remove Bartello from the Code Office when he started to make his own moves to force the issue.
  • We have a Public Works Department which can’t even sweep the streets, and which is still making massive repayments on a street sweeper which has never worked for months, and a Code Office which has also bathed in dysfunctionality since Councilman Troup took over.

At the David L Persing Sports Complex, despite being busy with tournaments all summer long, and the recipient of huge amounts of taxpayer funding, not one cent appears to have been given back to the City.

Persing claims that 50% of this income goes on umpire wages. OK, but what about the other 50%? Shouldn’t the city be entitled to at least a part of this, to help pay for the electricity, the expensive dirt for the infields, the grass cutting, the huge investment in facilities which has been made over the years?

Persing lists softball as a source of personal income in his 2013 statement of financial interests. What we don’t know is just how much that income actually is.

Which Way Should I Choose?

The city has now come to a crossroads. The choices are simple. One road leads to recovery and prosperity under Joe Bartello, a dedicated public servant who wants to help our people to a better future. The other heads for the abyss.

You must ask yourself one simple question – “Which Way Should I Choose?”

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