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Putting the Sun back in Sunbury

May 20th, 2013
Julie Brosius, prospective Mayor for Sunbury

Julie Brosius

Tuesday May 21st is a momentous date in the long history of our City. This is the day that Sunburians can exorcise City Hall to rid themselves of the current oppressive regime and vote for a new beginning under their first ever woman mayor – Julie Brosius.

Mayor Persing has been in office on and off for the last 24 years. In a country where even the President can only run for 2 terms, Persing wants to have a sixth. It could a little uncharitable to say that 5 terms is 5 too many, but it is certainly more than enough for anyone.

The whole idea of term limitation for those in political power is a practical solution to human weakness. Those who spend too long in office have a tendency is to start enjoying power for its own sake, and ultimately become addicted to it, rather than using whatever influence they may have for the overall good of the community who elected them.

Air of Neglect

Sunbury is a case in point. Right now our entire city has an air of neglect. Sidewalks and roads are not maintained, businesses are moving out, unemployment is rising, improvement funds are diverted from where they could do the most good, people are thrown out into the streets and their houses demolished, we are threatened by neglect of essential repairs needed for our river wall and a lack of maintenance of our drainage system, and if that were not enough, waiting in the background like a giant malevolent spider is Moran Industries, still poised, thanks to Persing, to bring God only knows what into our city for reprocessing and onward shipment to toxic waste dumps.

Meanwhile in City Hall, the dysfunctional administration staggers from one crisis to the next. We have been reporting on these as they have arisen, and they show no signs of abating any time soon. Only last week it was announced that Persing was being taken to federal court for violations under the Sunshine Act, and now we learn of his further unwanted interference in the operation of the city Codes Office and of his ill advised attempts to take over all administrative functions for our police department – an idea which can only end in disaster and tears for everyone involved.

Now, at the 11th hour, we hear desperate announcements on the radio of help being provided for fixed income citizens to repair their houses. What was not mentioned was that this was a church, not a city program, for which the Mayor is attempting to claim credit. Funds from the City which were going to be allocated for this purpose have been diverted to pay for the new and unneeded Redi-Rock wall at the river front – at a cost of $400,000 as opposed to repairing the existing wall at a cost of $30,500.

A Time for Change

Julie Brosius wants to change all this. She was inspired to run for Mayor because she could see the problems which were mounting for our City, and wanted to do something about them before things got any worse. She brings an entirely new perspective to our city government. She actually wants to involve the people, take their thoughts and advice and work with them to make Sunbury a better place for us all. She wants to cast aside the veils of secrecy to let everyone see what is going on in City Hall, and even to broadcast city meetings live on the Internet. Now those are indeed revolutionary ideas!

Our city facilities and quality of life have declined a long way over the last 24 years. It is going to take a major effort to restore things to the way they should be, but that is no reason to delay. We must start now. It is truly time to change Sunbury.

Take the first step – vote JULIE BROSIUS for Mayor.

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