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May 3rd, 2014

City Cops Charged for Supply of Murder Feeds

The Sunbury Scamera Debacle continues. Following the expenditure of the best part of $300,000 on camera provision, installation and associated work, and the continuing failure of Aaron Nigro of Global Security Tactics to deliver an operational system (if he was ever given a formal contract to do so), the City are now being charged by the hour for something this system is supposed to provide them with automatically, 24/7.

Not The Item is in possession of an invoice dated 12/18/2013 from Nigro to the City detailing a charge of $300 for 4 hours work for the supply of video feeds “from several locations along a designated area” requested by Sunbury PD, covering the times immediately before and after the Troy LaFerrara murder.

Sunbury PA security cameras can not be accessed except through a third party - the camera installer!


Invalidity of Persing Administration Claims

We have seen repeated public claims from Mayor Persing, Councilman Eister and former councilman Todd Snyder that Sunbury PD enjoys full access to both live and recorded feeds. The invalidity of these claims is now obvious.

To all intents and purposes Sunbury does not possess an operational security camera system – not even during the hours of daylight. The cameras are of no use whatever to our undermanned police department as they battle valiantly in the face of the Mayor’s budgetary restrictions to uphold the law, protect the citizenry and keep our city streets safe.

By failing in their duty to run a background check on Mr. Nigro prior to his appointment, the City missed a number of very obvious red flags. Now Nigro is due to stand trial in Greensburg on Monday 5th May, on felony counts of theft and theft by deception. There would not appear to be any chance of a resolution to this problem any time soon.

To date, Nigro has charged the City around $20,000 for his “professional services” in connection with the camera project. Despite this he has failed to complete the work and, going by his invoice to the police department, has little incentive to do so.

We are told that only Nigro has the camera IP addresses – needed to connect to the feeds, either live or recorded, and that the camera network equipment is secured in padlocked boxes for which only Nigro has the combinations, and that the camera feeds are encrypted and, you got it, only Nigro has the encryption keys. He has the City over a barrel.

To make matters even worse, the camera wi-fi system also appears to be inoperable and the cameras themselves have no night vision capability.

Nobody in Charge!

How could those entrusted with the governance of our city make such a complete mess of this simple project? Members of the Persing Administration have freely admitted that nobody has been appointed to take charge, so all these problems have come about as a direct result of their own negligence, maladministration and incompetence.

Sunbury is little closer to having an operational security camera system than it was in 2009 when the diligence of Representative Chris Carney first obtained for them the $200,000 federal grant money from the Department of Justice.

What would happen if the Feds were to come calling at City Hall and demand the return of their grant money? Given the way in which it has been squandered, this is a possibility which should not be discounted.

The Scamera Debacle is only the latest in long list of mishaps to plague this hapless and accident-prone administration. We have got to ask ourselves, how many more such fiascos are they hiding from public view, still to be uncovered by our intrepid investigators?

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