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The Bartello Budget

November 3rd, 2013

Achieving a Sustainable Future for Sunbury

In response to the huge level of interest being shown in Joe Bartello’s proposals to end unnecessary and wasteful spending, and to cut the City Budget, his campaign tonight released the following statement:

“My proposals to reduce the city budget are based on the removal of service duplication, the elimination of waste and a much more professional system of city-wide management.

“The availability of finance for city services is, to a large extent, dependent on the state of the local economy. I will make it a priority to actively pursue industries to bring more jobs to Sunbury and help our economy grow.

  • We pay a building maintenance crew, plus we pay a cleaning company, plus we pay outside contractors to do maintenance work. (pay three times)
  • We pay a road crew, plus we sub out all paving work (pay twice).
  • We pay a city clerk, plus we pay an assistant to the city clerk, plus we pay Seda-Cog to actually fill out the paperwork. (pay three times). Having the city clerk do her own work and separating ourselves from Seda-Cog will save us 18% of our grant monies we receive – up to $100,000 per year.
  • Excessive six figure legal expenses must be cut – the city solicitor is currently working for 3 agencies and billing each one separately.
  • None of the major expenses like insurance or internet or phone are ever put out for bid. There are savings to be found here.
  • The city is holding 25 properties and planning to go into debt $300K to do unnecessary work at the riverfront, decisions I hope to reverse.
  • The landscaping around town should be put out to bid in chunks. That way it spreads the work out among the local landscapers and it will save us a lot of money. And I think it will look better. The road crew would be free to do work on the roads, which in turn would save the money we spend on the outside paving contractors.
  • We are losing money at the Ice Rink and Swimming Pool. The present administration can’t even run the snack bar profitably. I will insure that this area is managed efficiently and that these valuable city amenities cover their running costs.
  • Softball and other sports tournaments will provide income directly to the City to help offset the expenses of running the sports complex.”
    – Joe Bartello

If you like what you see and would like a fresh start for Sunbury then the next step is up to you. Make it happen. Go out and vote on Tuesday November 5th.

Vote for Bartello, Quiggle, Bingaman for Sunbury City Council!

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