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Fracking Waste has NOT Gone Away!

February 26th, 2013

Sunbury PA, February 25th 2013

No Guarantees from Persing

Mayor Persing, speaking at the City Council tonight, refused a request from a member of the audience to give a firm guarantee that no fracking waste was coming to the former Celotex site in the city.

He reiterated his worn-out mantra that nothing illegal was happening at the plant, and that all the gas frackers had left the state and headed west. Contacts of Not The Item in Lycoming County shook their heads in utter disbelief at this gem of information.

Development Work Continues at Celotex Site

Meanwhile, work continues at the site – they now appear to be constructing an access road from a new entrance in Packer Street, and the operators, North Sunbury Bulk Transfer, along with Norfolk Southern Railroad, are proceeding apace with the submission of their surface water drainage plan to the DEP. A lot of activity at a site from which, Persing claims, Clean Harbors have withdrawn their application for their toxic waste processing facility.

John Moran has not gone away. His intention is clear. Either through Clean Harbors or some similar company there will be vast quantities of toxic fracking waste, both liquid and solid, coming to Sunbury. Watch for a planned  announcement sometime in May or June, once the primaries are over. Persing does not have a shoo-in this time – he is facing a strong challenge for the Republican nomination from local woman Julie Brosius. Julie has vowed to do everything she can to thwart Moran.

Bulk loading tower.

Primed and ready for action – bulk train loading facility at the former Celotex site.



Bulldozer has been busy as can be seen by the large raised area in the background.



Norfolk Southern No Trespassing at former Celotex site, Sunbury



Kids playground situated next to the proposed toxic waste dump and reprocessing center at the former Celotex plant, Sunbury PA.


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