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Where is our Promised New Incubator?

March 5th, 2013

Sunbury PA, 5th March 2013

Sunbury’s Mayor Dave Says:


Deserted office building.


Last week at his State of the City address, Mayor Persing had a “big announcement” to make – all about the participation of our City in the Keystone Incubator Zone – calculated to assist startup businesses in their vulnerable early days, and in so doing also giving our local economy and employment prospects a substantial boost.

He went on to tell us that the incubator was already established at 218 Chestnut St. “in hopes of developing all types of startup companies from information technology to diversified manufacturing and bio-medical life science ideas.

However, when Not The Item visited #218 Chestnut St. today, there was nobody there – no hive of activity, no sign outside the building, no lights – in fact the door was locked and the place looked unused and deserted.

KIZ – “Not aware of anything in Sunbury”

A phone call to the KIZ main office in Bloomsburg did little to help. The assistant we spoke with appeared to know nothing about anything happening in Sunbury at this time, but did tell us that they had active sub-zones in Selinsgrove, Lewisburg, Danville and Bloomsburg. No doubt these places are already reaping the benefits and receiving an economic boost from this support.

Far be it for anyone here to accuse Mayor Persing of intentionally setting out to mislead our good citizens with false news during an election year. Maybe there is a perfectly innocent explanation. If so, we would be delighted to publish it in order to set the record straight.

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